Sat on the Rocks

About Me

Like the call of an army recruiter enlisting soldiers for war, i felt the call of financial freedom, the call to join a like-minded community, and the call to share and receive financially productive information. Also, these "calls" led me to start a blog to share gems in the form of enlightening books, invigorating tips, and mind elevating videos which focus directly on self-improvement and financial liberation. As a matter of fact, i hope to share my own personal trek up the financial mountain, and document each substantial milestone. Additionally, i hope that that each book, video, and tip i put on my blog propels me and everyone of my readers closer to the constellation of financial intelligence. Ultimately, the goal of this blog is to assist me and all who follow this blog with standing atop "Mount Financial Freedom". So, i have heard the calls my friends; will you travel with me and be great?