Welcome to Financial Freedom

Why do people want to be financially free? Without a doubt, all living creatures would like to do away with the exertions needed in order to obtain necessities. For example, the lioness would like to do away with the strenuous chase of the gazelle, the wolf would thank the holy heavens to be done with the tortuous chase of the caribou, and we as humans would give up a kidney to not have to worry about how to pay our mortgage, get little suzie some braces, and take our spouses on that caribbean cruise which we have been promising since we forget to buy that anniversary gift (but i digress). Why do humans want to be financially free? The reasons are countless.

Although the reasons for why we want financially freedoms are countless and tailor made for each individual specifically, we know that every human being would love financial freedom. Also, we will never see someone walking around saying, "no, i think i would like to wonder how i will pay for nana's hip surgery" or "yea, i don't know how i will pay my car note in three months, but that's A.O.K". No. We all have our reasons to not have financial concerns, and this will always be a part of our social situation.

So, personally, i have three fingers worth of reasons to want financial freedom. First, it will allow my family, friends, and i to know that we will never be homeless, without food and water, without access to good medical care, and without physical protection (simply writing the words gives me a great feeling). Next, it will allow me to open my eyes in the morning, breathe deeply, and do whatever the hell i want to do for the rest of the day (something i think is priceless). Finally, when i see my fellow man hungry and without a warm meal, secure shelter, or clean clothes, i will be in a position to give assistance.

Ultimately, i feel that financial freedom is as much a spiritual accomplishment as a terrestrial one, because it transforms life from potential downtrodden and mediocre to awe inspiring and breath taking. Without a doubt, freedom comes with the side effect of empowerment, this empowerment will lead ultimately to self fulfillment, and self fulfillment will lead to self actualization (according to some psychologists this is the highest point the human psyche can obtain). Finally, i think we all unconsciously wish to feel fulfilled, but the consequences of life can inhibit that. But, we are the smartest mammals on earth, and the blueprint has been layed by those before us; it is now our job to pick up that blueprint and follow. Come pick up and follow with me, will you?

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