Embrace Life’s Challenges

Misty Slopes




Mountain Fog


Divers Underwater


Business Tips 

  • Always have an idea of what constitutes success for you. Success can be an exact figure, like $10,000, or an accomplishment, like 1000 subscribers. Having a destination assists with preparations for the journey. 

  • Always be "finding" new clients. Clients are the life-blood of any business. 

  • Hire only when ABSOLUTELY necessary. Hire because the work is so excessive, and the addition will not only alleviate stress, but will also not affect the bottom-line. 

  • Always plan for the worst-case scenario. Be brutally honest with yourself, or find someone who can be, and assimilate the information and move accordingly. 

  • Know your "walk-away" point and stick to it. This point could be $500 lost or $500,000. Once you reach your predetermined point, don't adjust; STOP AND LEAVE. 


  • ​Learn from previous businesses. It is always better to learn from the mistakes of others, than to make the mistakes ourselves; this is wisdom. 

  • Know what your company is and be true to that. Constantly, there are new 'fads'; some new fads may be appropriate, but the majority should be avoided. So, like the wise-men of the east say, "Know thyself". 

  • Use close resources. Before paying $500 for IT work at your company, ensure that no second-cousins, neighbours, or general acquaintants can do the work. The work will still need to be paid for, but these people will be more open to offering "favors", than a complete stranger. 

  • Keep it simple. Know what is at the absolute core of what you are trying to accomplish, and  methodically remove the obstacles which block that success. 

  • Know what you are selling. Have an intimate understanding of your field. The "average-joe" should not have information, or knowledge on par with yours, as relates to your field. 

  • Under-price and over-deliver with your product, or service. Who doesn't praise the gods when they get an extra order of french-fries, or nuggets unexpectedly from their favorite fast-food restaurant. 

  • Listen to the customers. The customer isn't always right, but the customers are ALWAYS right, and should be listened to. One customer could have an opinion for any number of reasons, but groups of three, five, seven, etc, are giving you valuable information, which you would ignore to your ultimate peril. 

  • Establish a team of advisors. There are always people that have come before us, and had success in our field, because 'there is nothing new under the sun'. So, we should embrace these people, and accelerate our success, by bypassing there mistakes.

Psychology Tips

  • ​Always understand that, as a human, you will be consistently drawn towards ​'needs'; these will be concepts that you will need to satisfy in order to have an enjoyable and fulfilled life. Among these 'needs' are Certainty (the knowledge that we will have access to food, water, and shelter), Novelty (new activities, knowledge, and experiences which make life worth living), Significance (the feeling that what we are doing has an affect on the world), Love (deep connection with others), Growth (the feeling that we are not stagnant, but are actual proceeding towards what we consider our 'best-self', and Contribution (the feeling that we are not just taking away from the world, but that we are an asset to the world, and give back). 

  • Psychological Predictors of Happiness (Optimism, Healthy Close Relationships, Faith in something higher than you, Engagement in meaningful work, Good Eat/Sleep patterns, and Healthy Self-Esteem)

Philosophy Tips

  • If you want to live an exceptional and extraordinary life, you have to give up many of the things that are part of a normal one ( Scrinivas Rao)


  • Find a way to serve the many.


  • Work harder on yourself, than on any job or business (make yourself valuable). 



Social Tips

  • Never complain, critisize, or condemn people, because these actions are not conducive to creating, maintaining, and improving lasting relationships. 


  • Give honest and sincere appreciation. People will reciprocate by giving you their best in social situations. 

  • Make people want to be around you. This can be achieved by making people comfortable, which is very difficult, and subjective, because people are so different and dynamic. However, succeeding with having people wanting to be around you, will improve your social standing. 

  • Cultivate a genuine interest in other people. We are very attuned to real and fake emotions, and these observations influence how we react to others. So, take the time to get to know people on deeper levels, and your social interactions will improve. 

  • Smile. Never forget to smile. A smile transmits to others that you are not threatening, you are open to friendship, and you are socially proficient.