Be True to Yourself

Jim Rohn 

A classic by one of the great influencers of financial freedom, Jim Rohn. This video is a great step towards creating a foundational mindset for financial freedom. In this presentation, Mr. Rohn covers the initial steps to self change, improvement, and ultimate success. I hope you enjoy as i did, this video is sure to spur you to action.

Jordan Peterson

Full disclosure, Dr. Peterson is my spirit animal. This presentation is ten minutes of full on no-nonsense truth. It will give you the kick in the pants that you needed all your life, and lay out hard hitting challenges and information which once heard seem so common place but are so profound. Dr. Peterson's advice bends toward psychology (he is a clinical-psychologist) but what i have learnt during my journey is that conquering our minds first is a pivotal step in conquering our finances, some pointers to doing the same are in the video. Open and enjoy.

Patrick FitzGerald

In this video, Mr. FitzGerald, of Dreamit Ventures fame, breaks down what is involved in creating a successful business plan. Additionally, the value of the information given lies in  its coverage of what venture capitalists look for when considering if they should invest. So, after viewing the video, you should have a clear understanding of what you should put in and leave out of your busincess plan. Also, the lecture is given at the prestigious Wharton College, which further solidifies its status.